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  Control of Fusarium Stalk Rot of Corn by Addition of Biochars

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1093
  Authors: Liang Liu, Chunlai Liu, Guoqing Shen, Fan Yang, Shuang Wang, Xifeng Jiang and Xinmin Li
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  Effects of Insecticides on the Functional Response of Spider Oxyopes javanus against Aphid Sitobion avenae

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1092
  Authors: Abida Butt, Rabia Talib and Muhammad Xaaceph Khan
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  Ochrobactrum pituitosum Causes Kernel Rot and Premature Shedding of Fresh Walnut Fruits

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1091
  Authors: Zhongdong Yu, Yunjing Sui, Shaobing Peng, Tao Li and Phonepaserd Phanpadith
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  Expression of Clostridium perfringens Alpha-epsilon Soluble Fusion Toxin Gene in E. coli and its Immunogenicity in Mice

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1084
  Authors: Xiaohui Song, Yu Sun, Ying Xiao, Yuliang Liu, Ruinan Wang, Fei Jiang, Cunrui Zhang, Lin Yang and Chuanbin Wang
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  Description of a new Species of Trichouropoda Berlese, 2016 (Acari: Mesostigmata: Uropodina: Trematuridae) from Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1063
  Authors: Bilal Saeed Khan, Muhammad Asif Qayyoum, Abid Mahmood Alvi, Muhammad Hamid Bashir and Muhammad Irfan Akram
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  Factors Affecting the Fermentation Optimization of Monascus Strains with High ?-aminobutyric Acid Yield

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1086
  Authors: Zixiao Xiong, Xialuan Luo, Xiaohua Cao, Qinyou Wen, Zuxin Cheng, Xinying Huang, Jianghong Liu, Yi Zhang and Zhiwei Huang
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  Castanea henryi Roots Serve as Host for Ganoderma lucidum

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1082
  Authors: Huan Xiong, Joseph Masabni, Feng Zou and Deyi Yuan
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  Screening of Markers and Blast Isolates for Blast Resistance Selection on Backcross-population from Crossing Ciherang and IRBLta2-Re

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1088
  Authors: Nurul Fitriah, Utut Widyastuti, Suharsono, Satya Nugroho, Suwarno and Miftahudin
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  Screening Mungbean Germplasm for Salt Tolerance using Growth Indices and Physiological Parameters

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1078
  Authors: Maria Nawaz, Ameer Khan and Muhammad Yasin Ashraf
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  Identification and Expression Analysis of Leucine-rich Repeat Receptor-like Kinase Family Reveals the Roles of Resistance Proteins During Formation of Replant Disease in Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1090
  Authors: Zhuomi Xie, Chuyun Yang, Aiguo Chen, Mingjie Li, Li Gu, Junyi Zhang, Fajie Feng, Bao Zhang, Shuqiang Chen and Zhongyi Zhang
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  Effects of In vitro Gastrointestinal Digestion on Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity of Lotus Seeds N-butanol Extract

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1085
  Authors: Xiujuan Huang, Jiamiao Hu, Zhenyu Wang, Shenghan Ge, Yilin Lin, Huiting Lin,Shaoxiao Zeng andShaoling Lin
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  Effect of NO-mediated Endophytic Fungal Elicitors on Essential Oil Accumulation in Suspension Cells of Cinnamomum longepaniculatum

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1087
  Authors: Kuan Yan, Wanhai Zhou, Qin Wei and Ruizhang Feng
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  Identification of MicroRNA-148a-3p with a Role in Transcriptional Regulation of TGF-?2 and its Relationship with Antler Cell Proliferation

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1083
  Authors: Xiangyu Han, Mingxiao Liu, Danyang Chen, Yuduo Yan, Hongyun Liu and Wei Hu
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  In vitro and Field Evaluation of Nematicidal Potential of Synthetic Chemicals against Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne graminicola in Rice

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1075
  Authors: Abdul Jabbar, Nazir Javed, Anjum Munir, Sajid Aleem Khan and Sohail Ahmed
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  The Effect of Different Restoration Treatments on the Vegetation of the Mesic Meadow Degraded by the Expansion of Calamagrostis epigejos

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1070
  Authors: Daniel Pruchniewicz and Ludwik Zolnierz
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  Phylogenetic Analysis of Methanogenic Archaea by mcrA Gene in Anaerobic Digester

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1080
  Authors: Asifa Afzal, Tawaf Ali Shah, Shehbaz Ali and Romana Tabassum
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  Reducing RbcS Expression by RNAi Technology Causes Diverse Responses to Nematode in Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1077
  Authors: Saqer Alotaibi, Ahmed NourEl-Deen, Mona Elseehy and Bandar Aljuaid
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  Characteristics and Quantitative Simulation of Stomatal Conductance of Panax notoginseng

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1076
  Authors: Chao Xu, Zaiqiang Yang, Mingtian Wang, Xuran Zhang, Qiantong Zheng, Jiajia Li, Floribert Vuguziga and Yujia Zou
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  Description of a new Species of Trichouropoda Berlese, 2016 (Acari: Mesostigmata: Uropodina: Trematuridae) from Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1063
  Authors: Bilal Saeed Khan, Muhammad Asif Qayyoum, Abid Mehmood Alvi, Muhammad Hamid Bashir and Muhammad Irfan Akram
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  Overexpression of SOC1-like Gene Promotes Flowering and Decreases Seed Set in Brachypodium

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1054
  Authors: Xueqing Duan, Jiandong Liang and Ping Wang
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  Mifepristone Synchronization of Estrus and timed Insemination for Swamp and River Crossbred Buffalo Heifers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1079
  Authors: Adili Abulaiti, Hadeel Samy El?Qaliouby and Liguo Yang
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  Estrous Synchronization Efficiency of Buserelin of Different Doses in Combination with Mifepristone and Timed Artificial Insemination in Holstein Cattle

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1074
  Authors: Adili Abulaiti, Hadeel Samy El-Qaliouby, Umair Riaz and Liguo Yang
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  Genetic Analysis for Some Agro-Physiological Traits to Improve Drought Tolerance in Cotton

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1071
  Authors: Waqas Shafqat Chattha, Muhammad Iqbal, Amir Shakeel, Hafiz Mohammad Akram, Mueen Alam Khan, Muhammad Naeem and Sohail Kamaran
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  First Report on the Prevalence of Colletotrichum scovillei Associated with Anthracnose on Chili Pepper in Bali, Indonesia

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1072
  Authors: Khamdan Khalimi, Anak Agung Ketut Darmadi and Dewa Ngurah Suprapta
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  Response Surface Optimized Extraction of Flavonoids from Ginkgo biloba Leaves by Ionic Liquid

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1068
  Authors: Jing Feng, Xiaoming Peng, Cuiqing Li, Teng Wang, Ruijun Ju, Xiao Qiu and Chenyang Tang
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  Steroidal Saponin Ypsilandra thibetica Induces Apoptosis in Colorectal Carcinoma Cells through the Mitochondrion-dependent Reactive Oxygen Species Pathway

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1067
  Authors: Zhendong Zhao, Li Xia, Dandan Xu, Guohong Zhou, Huiqing Huang, Daiying Zhou, Jin Lin, Shaolin Li and Jia Liu
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  Screening of Key Species Involved in Baiyaojian Fermentation Based on Gallic Acid Content

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1066
  Authors: Ruisheng Wang, Xiaojin Ge, Yifei Sun, Keke Li, Zhenling Zhang and Shengchao Wang
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  Anti-Inflammatory Mechanism of Raddeanin A on RAW 264.7 Macrophage Inflammation Model Induced by LPS

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1065
  Authors: Shasha Wang, Guangzhi Cai, Ling Zhao, Limin Lai and Jiyu Gong
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  Waxy Maize Yield in Response to a Novel Plant Growth Regulator and Plant Density

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1064
  Authors: Weiqiang Zhang, Yanli Fan, Sha Zhang, Baishan Lu, Liusheng Duan, Zhaohu Li and Weiming Tan
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  Anatomical Adaptations for Drought Tolerance in Lasiurus scindicus Henr in Punjab, Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1062
  Authors: Faiza Mustafa, Farooq Ahmad, Mansoor Hameed and Bushra Sadia
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  Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Hexaploid Wheat of Northern Areas of Pakistan (Gilgit Baltistan) using Morphological Marker

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1061
  Authors: Shaista Bibi, Azhar Hussain Shah, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Sohail Ahmad Jan, Muhammad Zubair, Niaz Ali and Uzma Khan
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  Gibberellic Acid Amended Antioxidant Enzyme and Osmotic Regulation to Improve Salt Tolerance of Okra at Early Growth Stage

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1060
  Authors: Guanglong Zhu, Jie Yin, Xiaoqian Guo, Xubing Chen, Wenfang Zhi, Jiawei Liu, Yue Wang, Haitong Lu, Xiurong Jiao and Guisheng Zhou
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  Characterization of Aroma-Active Compounds from Sweet Osmanthus (Osmanthus fragrans) by SDE and SPME Coupled with GC-MS and GC-Olfactometry

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1059
  Authors: Jing-Jing Zou, Xuan Cai, Xiang-Ling Zeng, Jie Yang and Cai-Yun Wang
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  Effect of Population Horizontal Structure and Water Condition on Physiological Characteristic and Evapotranspiration of Winter Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1058
  Authors: X.B. Zhou, L. Yang, L.B. Shi and Y.Y. Yong
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  Effects of Exogenous Spermidine and its Synthetic Inhibitor on the Development of Bulbils on Herbaceous Peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall.)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1057
  Authors: Meng-wen Lv, Jin-guang Xu, Jie Du, Cheng-rong Gao, Jie Lu, Qing-xia Zhang, Tong-lin Wang and Xia Sun
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  Genotyping of Ribosomal Proteins in Sordaria fimicola to Study Genetic Polymorphisms and Phosphorylation Modifications

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1056
  Authors: Rabia Arif, Siu Fai Lee, Memuna Ghafoor Shahid and Muhammad Saleem
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  Variability of Root Length Density as Measured by Auger Core and Soil Profile Sampling Methods

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1052
  Authors: Hongyu Wang, Zhengguo Cui, Zhenming Yang, Muhammad Rehman Naseer, Qiuzhu Li and Jinhu Cui
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  Sod Cultivation Significantly Enhances Soil Nutrient Availability in a Subtropical Newly Established Orchard

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0069
  Authors: Qifeng Mo, Wenjuan Wang and Yingwen Li
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  Influence of Continuous Illumination on Growth and Secondary Metabolism of Pakchoi (Brassica campestris)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1055
  Authors: Xiaoxue Fan, Yana Yang, Yu Zhang, Xiaopeng Li, Feng Xue, Wenrui Gao, Yanjun Sun, Decui Li, Longyan Shi, Bing Han and Gang Xu
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  Isolation, Screening and Fermentation Optimization of Monascus Strains with High Monacolin K Yield and the Cholesterol Lowering Effect of Red Yeast Rice

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1053
  Authors: Zhiting Chen, Yihan Zhu, Xiaohua Cao, Qinyou Wen, Zixiao Xiong, Zuxin Cheng, Chuannan Long, Shiqiang Lin, Xinying Huang, Jianghong Liu and Zhiwei Huang
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  Novel Approach using Digestive and Neuro Toxins Genes Confers Resistance against Helicoverpa armigera and Myzus persicae in Tobacco Plants

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1051
  Authors: Javaid Iqbal, Sher Afzal Khan, Zahid Mukhtar, Shahid Mansoor and Yusuf Zafar
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  Analysis of Expression Characteristics of Scarecrow-like Gene Stsl-1 Elicited by Exogenous Hormone and Ralstonia solanacearum Infection in Potato

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1050
  Authors: Xiaojuan Wang, Yongping Luo, Li Shi, Pengxiang Pang and Gang Gao
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  Genetic Diversity of Mulberry Cultivars using ISSR and SRAP Molecular Markers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1081
  Authors: Nan Zhang, Meng Wang, Yiling Hou, Yichun Zeng, Gang Liu, Xiang Ding and Gaiqun Huang
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  Application of AMMI Model to Assess Spring Maize Genotypes under Multi-environment Trials in Hebei Province

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0962
  Authors: Meijin Ye, Jianwei Wei, Junzhou Bu, Zenghui Gu, Yanbing Wang, Shuping Chen, Haicheng Peng, Haiwang Yue and Junliang Xie
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