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  Purple Nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) Control through Interference by Summer Crops

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0997
  Authors: Javaid Iqbal, Antonio Ditommaso, Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Khawar Jabran, Safdar Hussain, Wajid Nasim, Shah Fahad, Muhammad Ahmad Shehzad and Anser Ali
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  Rootstocks Influence Morphological and Biochemical Changes in Young ‘Red Fuji’ Apple Plants

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0999
  Authors: Faisal Hayat, Changpeng Qiu, Xuefeng Xu, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xinzhong Zhang, Muhammad Azher Nawaz and Zhenhai Han
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  The Physiological Responses of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) to Osmotic Stress

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.1000
  Authors: Bo Wei, Jiaxin Yang, Dandan Li, Kai Hou, Feng Pan, Chen Chen and Wei Wu
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  Genetic Diversity of Net Blotch Pathogens of Barley in Turkey

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0998
  Authors: Arzu Celik Oguz, Fatih Olmez and Aziz Karakaya
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  Accumulation and Structural Unit of Wall-linked Phenolics in the Cotton (G. hirsutum L.) Fiber Secondary Wall

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0995
  Authors: Wen-Ran Hu, Raphael Linker, Ling Fan, Xiao-Yun Zhou, Yang Yang, Bo Li, Xiao-Rong Li and Qin Weng
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  Genetic Variation and Post-Translational Modifications of Cytochrome c Oxidase-1 (COX1) in different Strains of Sordaria fimicola

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0994
  Authors: Rabia Arif, Syeda Hina Bukhari, Muhammad Ishfaq, Memuna Ghafoor Shahid, Siu Fai Lee and Muhammad Saleem
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  Precipitation-driven Changes in Biomass Allocation Pattern for Forests in China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0993
  Authors: Min Yu, Wanqi Lin and Li Xue
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  Forest Biomass Allocation vary with Temperature in Five Forest Types of China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0992
  Authors: Wanqi Lin, Yiran Fang and Li Xue
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  Effects on Expression of Hepatic Phase-1 and Phase-2 Metabolism and Transporter Genes by Swertia mussotii Extract, A Hepatoprotective Herb from Tibetan Traditional Medicine

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0991
  Authors: Hongxia Yang, Yuancan Xiao, Cen Li, Tingting Gao, Lixin Wei and Yuzhi Du
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  Growth and Metagenomics Analysis of Ulva prolifera after Antibiotic Treatment

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0990
  Authors: Ran Chen, Chuner Cai, Ting Jiang, Yan Huang and Peimin He
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  Validation of Internal Reference Genes for Accurate Gene Expression Analysis in Soybean Roots Interacted with Heterodera glycines and Bacillus megaterium

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0989
  Authors: Chen Jingsheng,Zhou Yuanyuan, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhu Xiaofeng, Wu Xiaojing, Zhao Jing, Aatika Sikandar, Duan Yuxi1andChen Lijie
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  Molecular Identification of Stem Rust Resistance Gene(S) from Pakistani Wheat Cultivars

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0987
  Authors: Shahzad Bashir, Shazia Anwer Bukhari, Irfan Afzal, Ghulam Mustafa and Mahmood-ur-Rahman
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  Response of Wheat Cultivars to Deficit Irrigation under Semiarid Conditions of Faisalabad

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0986
  Authors: Muhammad Fahad, Syed Aftab Wajid, Ashfaq Ahmad and Muhammad Jehanzeb Masud Cheema
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  Camellia oleifera Seed Shell: An Effective Substrate for Producing Flammulina velutipes Fruit Bodies with Improved Nutritional Value

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0984
  Authors: Wei-Rui Zhang, Sheng-Rong Liu, Gui-Ping Su and Li-Yan Ma
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  Genetic Mapping of Grain Nutritional Profile in Rice using Basmati Derived Segregating Population Revealed by SSRs

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0977
  Authors: Javed Iqbal Wattoo, Sara Liaqat, Hira Mubeen, Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Naveed Shahid, Amjad Farooq, Muhammad Sajjad and Muhammad Arif
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  Application of AMMI Model to Assess Spring Maize Genotypes under Multi-environment Trials in Hebei Province

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0962
  Authors: Meijin Ye, Jianwei Wei, Junzhou Bu, Zenghui Gu, Yanbing Wang, Shuping Chen, Haicheng Peng, Haiwang Yue and Junliang Xie
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  In vitro Micropropagation of Ornamental Rare Species Sibiraea altaiensis (Laxm.) Schneid. – An Endemic of Altai

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0985
  Authors: Vitaliy Kirillov, Mariya Serafimovich, Tamara Stikhareva and Bolat Mukanov
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  Changes in Viability of Lincang Hulled Wheat Seeds under Different Storage Temperatures and Changes in Lipoxygenase (LOX) Gene Activity and Expression Levels During Germination

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0983
  Authors: Guoyan Zhou, Feifei Zhang, Wenjie Long, Dan Chen, Xiaoyang Wu, Qing Cai and Shaoyun Wu
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  Mitigation of Drought Stress-induced Adverse Effects on Antioxidant System of Eggplant by Exogenous Application of Alpha-tocopherol

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0982
  Authors: Maham Saddique and Muhammad Shahbaz
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  Ethylene is Involved in Red Light-induced Anthocyanin Biosynthesis in Cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0980
  Authors: Fenghua Wang, Golam Jalal Ahammed, Guangyuan Li, Pengtao Bai, Yan Jiang, Shaoxian Wang and Shuangchen Chen
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  Biochar Amendment with Irrigation Water-regimes at Tillering and Booting Stages Enhanced Physiological and Antioxidant Behaviour for Wheat Productivity

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0978
  Authors: Hamid Nawaz, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Akbar Anjum, Haseeb-ur-Rehman, Moazzam Jamil, Muhammad Aown Sammar Raza and Omer Farooq
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  Evaluating the Impact of Thermal Variations Due to Different Sowing Dates on Yield and Quality of Spring Maize under Semi-arid Environment

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0976
  Authors: Mubashra Yasin, Ashfaq Ahmad, Tasneem Khaliq and Shahzad Maqsood Ahmad Basra
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  Research Advances on Cuticular Waxes Biosynthesis in Crops: A Review

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0975
  Authors: Md Shaheenuzzamn, Tianxiang Liu, Shandang Shi, Hongqi Wu and Zhonghua Wang
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  Liquid Culture of Somatic Embryogenesis Cell Proliferation of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0974
  Authors: Firdha Narulita Alfian, Nur Nafisatul Afdhoria, Parawita Dewanti, Didik Pudji Restanto and Bambang Sugiharto
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  Comparative Analysis of Transcriptomes from Synthetic CpG ODN/CpG Free DNA Stimulated Bovine PBMCs

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0973
  Authors: Qing Chen, Weifeng Yuan, Ting Xin, Hong Jia, Chunya Bu, Guangdong Li and Xiaoyu Guo
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  NTDBPlant: Nutrient Transporters Database for Plants

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0968
  Authors: Farrukh Azeem, Arooj Mumtaz, Khushbakht Aliya, Faiza Maqbool, Tunjeena Rehan, Sumaira Rasul and Muhammad Amjad Ali
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  Static Magnetic Field Treatments Affect the Light-induced Germination of Dormant Paulownia elongata Seed

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0964
  Authors: Jia Liu, Tingting Xue, Yongbao Shen and Zhen Wang
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  Influence of Seed Priming and Sowing Methods on Growth and Productivity of Wheat Cultivars Differing in Seed Size in Rice-Wheat Cropping system of Punjab, Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0959
  Authors: Wardah Muzaffar, Riaz Ahmad, Muzzammil Hussain, Muhammad Farooq and Abdul Wakeel
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  Comparative Evaluation of Biological Activities of Native and Nanosuspension of Terminalia arjuna

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0956
  Authors: Fatiqa Zafar, Nazish Jahan, Khalil-Ur-Rahman, Muhammad Rafique Asi3 and Shaukat Ali
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  The Dynamics of Soil Microbe Metabolic Function Diversity in the Root-zone of Maize-soybean Intercropping

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0939
  Authors: Liu Li, Han Qing-li, Liu Chao-mao, Yang Jing, Liu Lin, Wu Jian-rong and Li Cheng-yun
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  Allelic Variations and Agronomic Comparisons of Durum Wheat Cultivars under East-Mediterranean Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0972
  Authors: Huseyin Güngor
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  Methods of Dendrobium Rust Detection and Analysis on the Genetic Structure of Dendrobium Rust Populations

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0971
  Authors: Pu Shixian, Yu Hang, Li Guilin, Yang Jing, Li Zesheng, Bai Yanbing, Zhang Cui, Wang Na, Li Chengyun and Liu Lin
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  Response of Soil Microbial Biomass and Enzymatic Activity in Municipal Solid Waste Compost Treated Soil

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0970
  Authors: Ahmad Waqas, Ghulam Murtaza, Muhammad Naveed and Shahzad M.A. Basra
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  Ameliorating the Effect of Drought Stress through Integrated Application of ACC-deaminase Containing Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Biogas Slurry to Improve the Growth and Productivity of Wheat Crop

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0969
  Authors: Rizwan Yaseen, Muhammad Zafar-ul-Hye and Mubshar Hussain
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  Illumina Sequencing Analysis of the Microbial Community in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0967
  Authors: Yanfeng Zhou, Yanfen Cheng, Bei Jin and Yang You
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  Morpho-Anatomical Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Five Tomentella Ectomycorrhizae from Leigong Mountain, Guizhou

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0966
  Authors: Wenquan Zhang and Qingzhi Yao
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  The Effects of Substrate Grain Size and Mud-sand Ratio on the Burrowing Ability of Urechis unicinctus Juveniles

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0965
  Authors: Feng Liu, Tao Sun, Yuan Ji, Zheng Ma, Yancui Zhao, Hairui Yu and Chune Liu
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  Effect of Endophytic Fungal Elicitors on Essential Oil Accumulation in Cell Suspension Cultures of Cinnamomum longepaniculatum

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0963
  Authors: Kuan Yan, Qin Wei, Ruizhang Feng and Wanhai Zhou
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  Genome-Wide Association Analysis for the Genetic Basis of Seven Traits Associated with Corn Grain Moisture and Ear Threshing Rate

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0961
  Authors: Xinqi Wang, Xiaoci Ren, Nan Mei, Yanning Xie, Xiangyu Yang, Xiaojie Wang and Rengui Zhao
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  Comparison of Self- and Cross-pollination in Pollen Tube Growth, Early Ovule Development and Fruit Set of Camellia grijsii

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0960
  Authors: Huan Xiong, Feng Zou, Deyi Yuan, Xiaofeng Tan, Jun Yuan, Ting Liao and Genhua Niu
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  Genetic Characterization of Rheum ribes L. (Wild Rhubarb) Genotypes in Lake Van Basin of Turkey through ISSR and SSR Markers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0958
  Authors: Aytekin Ekincialp, Ceknas Erdinc, Sibel Turan, Ozlem Cakmakci, Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, Faheem Shehzad Baloch and Suat Sensoy
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  Metabolomic and Proteomic Analysis of Moringa oleifera L. Cultivated with Vermicompost and Phosphate Rock under Water Stress Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0957
  Authors: Jorge Martin Guzman-Albores, Martha Leticia Ramirez -Merchant, Erika Citlaly Interiano-Santos1, Luis Alberto Manzano-Gomez, Jose Humberto Castanon-Gonzalez, Robert Winkler, Miguel Abud-Archila, Joaquin Adolfo Montes-Molina, Federico Antonio Gutierrez-Miceli and Victor Manuel Ruiz-Valdiviezo
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  Plastic Film and Straw Mulch Effects on Maize Yield and Water Use Efficiency under Different Irrigation Levels in Punjab, Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0955
  Authors: Atif Javed, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Farooq, Rattan Lal and Ruqia Shehzadi
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  Optimization of Enhanced Fermentation of Low-salt Sufu Paste from Soybean and Evaluation of its Phenolic Acids

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0954
  Authors: Chunzhi Xie, Haiying Zeng and Likang Qin
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  Structural Characterization of a Directed Self-assembly Recombinant Quasi-spider Silk Protein Expressed in Escherichia coli

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0953
  Authors: Bin Liu, Tao Wang, Liyan Xiao, Yun Li, Min Zhu, Wanqi Lan, Wensun Zhong and Qiang Fu
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  Characteristics and Bioactivity of a Chlorogenic Acid-producing Endophytic Bacterium Isolated from Lonicera japonicae

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0952
  Authors: Chuan Wang, Yanglu Liu, Su Feng and Zhirong Yang
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  NaCl Stress Changed the Ion Homeostasis through Different K+ Uptake Ways in Salt-Sensitive/Tolerant Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Varieties

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0951
  Authors: Huaning Zhang, Zihui Liu, Yanmin Zhang, Ruijuan Yang, Xiulin Guo and Guiyan Wang
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  Stand Characteristics and Soil Properties in Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora) Pure Forests with Different Disease Severity Index in Kunyushan Mountains Region, China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0950
  Authors: Ruirui Hu, Jun Liang, Xian Xie, Yingjun Zhang and Xingyao Zhang
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  Induction of Half-Sib Embryonic Callus and Production of Taxiod Compounds Therefrom in Taxus chinensis var. mairei

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0949
  Authors: Yanlin Li, Qing Yang, Xiaoying Yu, Li Wang, Wanxing Wang and Xingyao Xiong
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  CRISPR/dCas9-mediated Inhibition of Replication of Begomoviruses

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0948
  Authors: Zulqurnain Khan, Sultan Habibullah Khan, Aftab Ahmad, Sabin Aslam, Muhammad Salman Mubarik and Sehrish Khan
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  Differential Performance of Lowland Rice Cultivars for Phosphorus Uptake and Utilization Efficiency under Hydroponic and Soil Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0947
  Authors: Muhammad Irfan, Tariq Aziz, Muhammad Aamer Maqsood, Hafiz Muhammad Bilal, Waqas-ud-Din Khan and Naser Rasheed
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  Spatial Distribution of Isoproturon Dissipation in Varying Agricultural Lands and Characterization of an Isoproturon Degrading Bacterial Strain Sphingobium sp. S29

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0946
  Authors: Naila Abbas, Sajjad Haider Bhatti, Tanvir Shahzad, Faisal Mahmood, Farrukh Azeem, Farhat Abbas, Sarfraz Hussain and Sabir Hussain
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  Diversity in Seed Storage Protein Profile of Oilseed Crop Plukenetia volubilis L. from Peruvian Amazon

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0945
  Authors: Petra Hlasna Cepkova, Michal Jagr, Iva Viehmannova, Vaclav Dvoracek, Danter Cachique Huansi and Ivan Miksik
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  Influence of Zinc and Boron Application on Weed Dynamics in No Till and Plough Till Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0944
  Authors: Faisal Nadeem, Muhammad Farooq, Muzammil Hussain, Riaz Ahmad and Muhammad Naveed
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  Antifungal Activity of Vegetative Methanolic Extracts of Nigella sativa L. against Fusarium oxysporum and Macrophomina phaseolina and its Phytochemical Profiling by GC-MS Analysis

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0930
  Authors: Arusa Aftab, Zubaida Yousaf, Arshad Javaid, Nadia Riaz, Afifa Younas, Madiha Rashid, Hafiza Bushra Shamsheer and Aysha Arif Chahel
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  Agronomic Biofortification to Improve Productivity and Grain Zn Concentration of Bread Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0936
  Authors: Muhammad Umair Hassan, Muhammad Umer Chattha, Aman Ullah, Imran Khan, Abdul Qadeer, Muhammad Aamer, Aman Ullah Khan, Faisal Nadeem and Tahir Abbas Khan
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  Adaptive Behaviour of Roots under Salt Stress Correlates with Morpho-physiological Changes and Salinity Tolerance in Rice

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0943
  Authors: Bushra Ijaz, Cristina Sudiro, Rimsha Jabir, Fiorella Lo Schiavo, Muhammad Zeeshan Hyder and Tayyaba Yasmin
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  Evaluating Herbicidal Potential of Aqueous–ethanol Extracts of Local Plant Species against Echinochloa crus-galli and Raphanus sativus

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0940
  Authors: Thanatsan Poonpaiboonpipat and Juangjun Jumpathong
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  Zinc Seed Coating Improves Emergence and Seedling Growth in Desi and Kabuli Chickpea Types but Shows Toxicity at Higher Concentration

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0928
  Authors: Aman Ullah, Muhammad Farooq, Mubshar Hussain, Riaz Ahmad and Abdul Wakeel
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  Pattern of Diversity among Pistillate Scales of the Western Himalayan Carex L. (Cyperaceae): Micromorphological and Molecular Inferences

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0942
  Authors: Uzma, Betty Strack, Zahid Ullah, Andrew L. Hipp, Rabia Amir and Muhammad Qasim Hayat
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  Genome-wide Identification, Classification and Expression of Flavonol Synthase from Nelumbo nucifera in Defense against Various Stresses

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0941
  Authors: Chen Dong, Xingfei Zheng, Yannan Shi, Shuang Chen, Die Liu, Peng Lin and Zhongli Hu
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  Genetic Characterization of Stripe Rust and Yield Traits in Bread Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0937
  Authors: Khilwat Afridi, Naqib Ullah Khan, Samrin Gul, Zarina Bibi, Sardar Ali, Naushad Ali, Sher Aslam Khan, Shah Masaud Khan, Ibni Amin Khalil and Ayub Khan
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  Unveiling the Foliar Epidermal Anatomical Characteristics of Artemisia L. (Asteraceae) from Northeast (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0938
  Authors: Adil Hussain, Muhammad Q. Hayat, Sumaira Sahreen and Syed A.I. Bokhari
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  Medium Supplementation of Thiourea Orchestrates the Metabolites Levels to Diminish the Oxidative Damage in Hybrid Maize

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0935
  Authors: Taskeen Arshad, Abdul Wahid and Samina Tanwir
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  Genome-wide Analysis of the ATP-Binding Cassette A (ABCA) Gene Family and their Expression Profiles in High and Low Oil Cultivars of Brassica napus

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0934
  Authors: Nannan Li, Zhongchun Xiao, Mingwei Guan, Shengting Li, Xiaohui Zhang and Feng Luo
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  Evaluation of Single and Multiple Follicular Dynamics in Chinese Crossbred Buffalo (Riverine Swamp)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0929
  Authors: Adili Abulaiti, Hadeel Samy El-Qaliouby and Liguo Yang
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  Simultaneous Quantification of Anthocyanins and Phenolic Acids in Pigmented Rice (Oryza sativa L.) using UPLC-PDA/ESI-Q-TOF

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0933
  Authors: Supaporn Yamuangmorn, Bernard Dell, Xin Du, Yonglin Ren and Chanakan Prom-u-thai
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  Varietal Expression of Cry1Ac in Cotton and its Concentration Effect on Helicoverpa armigera under Laboratory Condition

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0931
  Authors: Tahammal Hussain, Khuram Zia, Muhammad Jalal Arif and Nazir Javed
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  Effects of Different Concentrations of Diazinon on 8-Hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosine and Histopathology, Antioxidant Enzyme, Acetylcholinesterase Activity and Plasma Metabolites in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0932
  Authors: Tayfun Karatas, Serkan Yildirim2 and Harun Arslan
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  Boron Tolerant Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacillus sp. Strain MN-54 Improved Canola Growth in Alkaline Calcareous Soils

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0926
  Authors: Tayyaba Samreen, Zahir Ahmad Zahir, Muhammad Naveed and Muhammad Asghar
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  Genetic Plasticity among Genotypes of Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena from Pakistan, USA and Iran

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0923
  Authors: Gulzar Akhtar, Muhammad J. Jaskani, Amjad Farooq, David H. Byrne, Ishtiaq A. Rajwana, Yasar Sajjad, Shahid M. Shah and Faisal S. Awan
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  Soil Microbial Community Diversity and Composition Across a Range of Eucalyptus grandis Plantations of sDifferent Ages

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0925
  Authors: Wang Chunzi, Zhang Danju, Yu Junli, Tang Zhiqun and Zhang Jian
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  Analysis and Evaluation of Quality Traits of Peanut Varieties with Near Infra-red Spectroscopy Technology

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0920
  Authors: Hong Liu, Manish K. Pandey, Zhenjiang Xu, Dehua Rao, Zhanquan Huang, Mengqiang Chen, Defeng Feng, Rajeev K. Varshney and Yanbin Hong
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  Identifying Pakistani Wheat (Triticum spp L.) Landraces as Genetic Resources for Yield Potential, Heat Tolerance and Rust Resistance

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0924
  Authors: Saima Gulnaz, Muhammad Zulkiffal, Muhammad Sajjad, Javed Ahmed, Muhammad Musa, Muhammad Abdullah, Aneela Ahsan and Aziz ur Rehman
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  Coupling Effect of Soil Water Deficit and Air Aridity on Crop Water Stress of Pepper

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0922
  Authors: Yuping, Lv, Qi Wei, Yajun Luan, Junzeng Xu, Fazli Hameed, Twecan Dalson and Zheng Wei
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  Release of a New Faba Bean Variety "Chourouk" Resistant to the Parasitic Plants Orobanche foetida Poir. and Orobanche crenata Forsk. in Tunisia

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0921
  Authors: Moez Amri, Imen Trabelsi, Zouhaier Abbes and Mohamed Kharrat
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  Achieving Near Immunity Durable-type Resistance against Rusts in Advance Wheat Lines by Combining Race Non-specific Resistance Genes

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0889
  Authors: Yasir Ali, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Atiq and Jam Nazeer Ahmad
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  Effect of Oil Supplementation on Growth Performance, Meat Quality and Antioxidative Ability in Meat Ducks Fed a Diet Containing Aging Corn

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0882
  Authors: Sajid Hussain Qamar, Qiufeng Zeng, Xuemei Ding, Shiping Bai, Jianping Wang, Yue Xuan, Qiaoshun Zhou, Zhuowei Su and Keying Zhang
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  Correlation between Behavior and Milk Yield of Dairy Cows

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0867
  Authors: Shan Chun-hua, Guo Jian-jun, Sun Xin-sheng, Yang Xin-yu, Zhao Juan-juan, Wang Chao, Qiu Dian-rui, Wang Ya-nan, Feng Man and Gao Yu-hong
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