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  Kernel Filling Characteristics at Different Grain Positions on an Ear and their Relationship with Stalk Sugar Content in Maize

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0881
  Authors: Hua He-liang, Zhao Qing, Wang Jie, Liu Qiao-gen and Bian Yun-long
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  Destructive Effect of Copper Oxide Nanoparticles on Ultrastructure of Chloroplast, Plastoglobules and Starch Grains in Spring Barley (Hordeum sativum Distichum)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0877
  Authors: Vishnu Dayal Rajput, Tatiana Minkina, Alexey Fedorenko, Saglara Mandzhieva, Svetlana Sushkova, Vladimir Lysenko, Nadezhda Duplii, Anatoly Azarov and Vasiliy Chokheli
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  Predation Preference and Fecundity Potential of Neoseiulus californicus (Acari: Phytoseiidae) to Tetranychus turkestani (Acari: Tetranychidae) and Tetranychus truncatus (Acari: Tetranychidae)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0859
  Authors: Yiying Zhao, Qian Zhao, Kaiyang Liu, Jungang Wang and Feng Liu
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  Genetic Variation of Wheat for Salt Tolerance Based on Physiological and Agronomic Traits

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0845
  Authors: Mutahhar Y. Al-Khaishany, Fahad H. Al-Qurainy, Ibrahim A. Alaraidh, Mohamed Najeb Barakat, Adel Ahmed Elshafei, Manzer H. Siddiqui, Saud A. Alamri, Hayssam M. Ali, Abdulaziz A. Alsahli, Saud M. Alzahrani and Muhammad Ishfaq
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  Phosphorus Alleviates Aluminum Toxicity in Camellia oleifera Seedlings

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0886
  Authors: Junqin Zhou, Zuozuo Ai, Hui Wang, Genhua Niu and Jun Yuan
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  Structural and Functional Analysis of RPL16 a Large Ribosomal Subunit Protein of Plastid Translational Machinery in Plants

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0885
  Authors: Muhammad Majid, Muhammad Sarwar Khan, Ghulam Mustafa and Abdus Salam
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  Effect of Nutrient Concentration, PGPR and AMF on Plant Growth, Yield, and Nutrient Uptake of Hydroponic Lettuce

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0879
  Authors: Nurul Aini, Wiwin Sumiya Dwi Yamika and Bachrul Ulum
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  Phylogenetic and Taxonomic Relationship of Turkish Wild and Cultivated Emmer (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) Revealed by iPBS-retrotransposons Markers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0876
  Authors: Meerim Arystanbekkyzy, Muhammad Azhar Nadeem, Husnu Aktas, Mehmet Zahit Yeken, Nusret Zencirci, Muhammad Amjad Nawaz, Fawad Ali, Muhammad Sajjad Haider, Kenan Tunc, Gyuhwa Chung and Faheem Shehzad Baloch
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  Production, Purification and Optimization of Cellulase by Bacillus licheniformis HI-08 Isolated from the Hindgut of Wood-feeding Termite

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0872
  Authors: Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Zahid Qureshi, Shabbir Ahmed, Muhammad Ilyas Khan, Humna Ikram, Asma Ashraf and Naveeda Akhtar Qureshi
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  Management Tactics for the Handling of Parthenium hysterophorus L. in Non-native Environment through Phytotoxic Compounds of Local Species

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0884
  Authors: Ali Raza, Muhammad Kamran, Muhammad Ehsan Safdar, Hafiz Haider Ali, Tasawer Abbas, Muhammad Asif, Liaqat Ali and Abdul Rehman
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  Genetic Analysis Indicates a Relationship of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) Accessions from Oman to Cowpea in the Indian Subcontinent

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0844
  Authors: Safa Al-Hinai, Abdullah Mohammed Al-Sadi, Saeed Rauf, Al-Ghaliya Al-Mamari and Nadiya Al-Saady
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  Modelling the Soil Water Dynamics under Micro-sprinkling Hose Irrigation for Distorted Roots of Transplanted Cotton

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0880
  Authors: Hao Zhang, Hao Liu, Shunsheng Wang, Xuan Guo, Xuewen Gong and Jingsheng Sun
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  Early ROS Accumulation in Chloroplasts of Nicotiana glutinosa Infected by Cucumber mosaic virus

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0875
  Authors: Jing Shang, Lei Zhang, Qi Jia, Zhong-qin Tang, Shu Yuan, Hui Yang, Min Zhang and Yun Huang
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  Wastewater Induced Manganese Toxicity Affects Growth and Bio-availability in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0873
  Authors: Haq Nawaz, Javaid Akhtar, Muhammad Anwar-ul-Haq, Muhammad Arfan, Aman Ullah, Irfan Iftikhar, Muhammad Awais and Muhammad Nadeem
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  Variations in Yield and Nutritional Profile of Onion Germplasm under the Influence of Purple Blotch Disease

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0871
  Authors: Muhammad Zeeshan Mansha, Shahbaz Talib Sahi, Amer Habib and Sohail Ahmed
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  Foliage Applied Zinc Ensures Better Growth, Yield and Grain Biofortification of Mungbean

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0840
  Authors: Muhammad Umar Haider, Muhammad Farooq, Ahmad Nawaz and Mubshar Hussain
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  Morpho-physiological Responses of Maize Cultivars Exposed to Chromium Stress

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0874
  Authors: Ume Habiba, Shafaqat Ali, Farhan Hafeez, Muhammad Rizwan, Muhammad Zia ur Rehman, Afzal Hussain and Saeed Ahmad Asad
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  Isolation of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Selection of Microbial Organic Fertilizer Carriers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0865
  Authors: Mengjiao Ding, Nianjie Shang, Ying Huang, Li Liu, Wei Fan, Lijuan Peng, Yi Zhang, Jiheng Zhou and Zifang Zhou
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  Exploring the Potential of a Strain of Entomopathogenic Pestalotiopsis spp. in Controlling Aphrophora flavipes

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0870
  Authors: Yan HX, Zheng JW, Wang XF, Cui JZ and Li HP
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  Agroinfiltration Transient Assay to Evaluate the Potential of ihpRNA Constructs for Lily Mottle Virus Resistance

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0863
  Authors: Pin-san Xu, Yue Qi, Xin-lei Wang and Zheng-yao Zhang
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  Development of Species-specific Primer Pairs for the Molecular Diagnosis of Ditylenchus arachis

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0868
  Authors: Shuling Zhang, Xi Cheng, Guokun Liu, Shun Xiao, and Shaosheng Zhang
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  Behavior of Dairy Cows in Free-stall Cowshed and Correlation between Behavior and Milk Yield

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0867
  Authors: Shan Chun-hua, Guo Jian-jun, Sun Xin-sheng, Yang Xin-yu, Zhao Juan-juan, Wang Chao, Qiu Dian-rui, Wang Ya-nan, Feng Man and Gao Yu-hong
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  Correlation between Uncoupling Protein3 (UCP3) Gene Polymorphism and Growth Traits of Hybrid Simmental

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0862
  Authors: Qiufei Jiang, Long Hong, Yuan Feng, Liang Chen, Juan Zhang, Liang Wu and Ya-ling Gu
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  Cloning and Expression of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase 4 (MAPK4) in Response to High Temperature in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0861
  Authors: Lu Wang, Jinghong Hao, Zhengyang Qi, Weihua Liu, Chaojie Liu, Yingyan Han and Shuangxi Fan
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  T Regulatory and T Helper 17 Populations with Transcription Factors in Pig Tissues in Response to Chronic Heat Stress

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0854
  Authors: Yanhong Yong, Yuntao Zhao, Ravi Gooneratne, Ming Liao and Xianghong Ju
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  Microarray Analysis of Nitric Oxide Responsive Transcripts in Arabidopsis Root G2/M Junction Cells

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0869
  Authors: Miaomiao Li, Tao Yao, Fei Li, Yaochuan Zhang and Sulan Bai
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  Function of Nitric Oxide in Chitosan Oligosaccharide-induced Resistance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0866
  Authors: Hongyan Zhang, Heng Yin and Guojie Jin
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  Rice Blast Resistance Analysis and Gene Identification of Restorer Line Mianhui357

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0864
  Authors: Jun Shi, Tingyou Huang, Zufen Xiang, Tao Peng, Shoupei Shi, Dingyou Liu and Xudong Chu
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  Effects of Salt Stress on Seed Germination of Four Ornamental Non-halophyte Species

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0860
  Authors: Zihan Zhang and Fangyuan Yu
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  Morphological Screening and SalTol Region Based SSR Markers Analysis of Rice (Oryza sativa) Genotypes for Salinity Tolerance at Seedling Stage

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0857
  Authors: Rida Tariq, Jauhar Ali and Muhammad Arif
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  Molecular Characterization, Structure and Expression Analysis of A Ras-related Nuclear (Ran) Gene in Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0855
  Authors: Mingming Zhang, Yang Xu, Su-kyoung Kim, Qiuxian Wu, Zhitao Qi, Zhenguo Pang, Guo Qiao, and Qiang Li
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  Effects of Drought Stress and Rehydration on Physiological Parameters and Proline Metabolism in Kiwifruit Seedling

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0852
  Authors: Yong Zhang, Qiyang Chen, Jianbin Lan, Ya Luo, Xiaorong Wang, Qing Chen, Bo Sun, Yan Wang, Ronggao Gong and Haoru Tang
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  Effects of Slow-release Compound Fertilizer on Eggplant (Solanum melongena) Quality

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0851
  Authors: Fei Wang, Shoukuan Gu, Ting Yuan and Zhengyin Wang
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  Analysis of DNA Methylation of Wheat in Response to Low Nitrogen Stress Based on Mathylation-sensitive Amplified Polymorphisms

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0853
  Authors: Jinhua Liao, Min Zhou, Jin Fan, Xia Hu, Mei Tang, Mingfu Gong and Yu Wu
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  Genetic Variability Studies for Salinity Tolerance in Gossypium hirsutum

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0849
  Authors: Muhammad Awais Farooq, Amir Shakeel, Rana Muhammad Atif and Muhammad Farrukh Saleem
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  Spatio-temporal Patterns of Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus and White Fly Population in Relation to Epidemiological Factors

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0839
  Authors: Muhammad Aslam Khan, Yasir Ali, H.M. Zeeshan Abbas and Muhammad Atiq
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  Effects of Ozone Stress on Absorption, Distribution and Utilization of Potassium in Rice under Different Planting Densities

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0847
  Authors: Peng Bin, Li Panlin, Lai Shangkun, Wang Yunxia, Yang Lianxin and Wang Yulong
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  Effects of Ozone Stress on Rice Growth and Yield Formation under Different Planting Densities - A Face Study

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0846
  Authors: Bin Peng, Yunxia Wang, Jianguo Zhu, Yulong Wang and Lianxin Yang
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  Zinc Biofortified Wheat Cultivar Lessens Grain Cadmium Accumulation under Cadmium Contaminated Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0843
  Authors: Muhammad Ishfaq, Aysha Kiran, Arifa Khaliq, Sardar Alam Cheema, Ibrahim A. Alaraidh, Naoki Hirotsu and Abdul Wakeel
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  Improved Embryogenic Callus Induction and Histological Analysis of the Embryogenesis in Callus Culture from Loquat Anther (Eriobotrya Japonica)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0842
  Authors: Li Junqiang, Lin Lihua, Qin Hongmei, Wang Yongqing, Deng Qunxian, Wang Bo and Hua Zong
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  Influence of Feedstock and Pyrolytic Temperature of Biochar on Physico-chemical Characteristics and Sorption of Chromium in Tannery Polluted Soil

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0838
  Authors: Muhammad Asaad Bashir, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Naveed, Rashid Ahmad and Bin Gao
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  Integrative Application of Biostimulants and Nutrients Improves Vegetative Growth of ‘Kinnow’ Mandarin

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0837
  Authors: Maryam Nasir, Ahmad Sattar Khan, S.M.A. Basra, Sakeena Tul Ain Haider, Sitwat Riaz and Nida Mahreen
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  Assessment of Genetic Effects for Earliness and Yield Traits in F1 and F2 Half Diallel Populations of Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0836
  Authors: Khilwat Afridi, Naqib Ullah Khan, Zarina Bibi, Samrin Gul, Rozina Gul, Sardar Ali, Naushad Ali, Ibni Amin Khalil, Fakhar Uddin and Gulzar Ahmad
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  Vegetative Propagation Method for Ex situ Conservation of Sida ramoniana Krapov. (Malvaceae): an Endemic Species with Medicinal Potential in Danger of Extinction

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0835
  Authors: Evelyn Duarte, Belen Gonzalez Rondan, Rosana Rubenich and Patricia Rocha
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  Analysis of Cf-12 Tomato Transcriptome Profile in Response to Cladosporium fulvum Infection with Hisat, StringTie and Ballgown

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0834
  Authors: Wenbo Xu, Long Chen, Ping He, Jun Yang, Chengdong Xu, Bo Wang, Zhenji Wang, Haiyan Yang, Meihua Xie, Shenming Yang, Lu Qiu and Yunyue Wang
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  In vitro Evaluation of Probiotic, Antimicrobial, and Antioxidant Properties of a Novel Lactobacillus plantarum Strain Isolated from Medicago sativa

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0832
  Authors: Vijayakumar Mayakrishnan, Srigopalram Srisesharam, Ilavenil Soundharrajan, Palaniselvam Kuppusamy, Da Hye Kim, Priya Kannappan and Ki Choon Choi
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  Integrated Effect of Compost and Cr6+ Reducing Bacteria on Antioxidant System and Plant Physiology of Alfalfa

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0829
  Authors: Muhammad Usman Saleem, Hafiz Naeem Asghar, Zahir Ahmad Zahir and Muhammad Shahid
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  Herbicide Mixtures and Row Spacing Effects on Fenoxaprop Resistant Phalaris minor in Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0828
  Authors: Tasawer Abbas, Muhammad Ather Nadeem, Asif Tanveer, Amar Matloob, Ali Zohaib, Muhammad Ehsan Safdar, Hafiz Haider Ali, Naila Farooq, Muhammad Mansoor Javaid, Tahira Tabassum and Irfan Rasool Nasir
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  Regeneration of Transgenic Lily after Transformation of LSV and LMoV Gene by using Agrobacterium-mediated System

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0826
  Authors: Pinsan Xu, Ruizhe Zhang, Wenjie Ji, Jianfang Bai and Zhengyao Zhang
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  Investigation of NELFE Polymorphism and their Association with Litter Size in Two Chinese Indigenous Sheep Breeds

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0825
  Authors: Wu Sun, Wanhong Li, Xiangpeng Yue and Fadi Li
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  Cloning of Auxin Response Factor 2 (ARF2) Gene and its Expression Analysis at High Temperature in Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) during Bolting

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0824
  Authors: Zhengyang Qi, Shuang Xiao, Lu Wang, Shuangxi Fan, Yingyan Han, Chaojie Liu and Jinghong Hao
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  Proteomic Analysis of the Secretory Proteins from Phytophthora infestans under Nitrogen Deficiency using Label-free LC-MS

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0823
  Authors: Ping Yu, Chao Dong, Chunxin Yao, Yumei Ding and Xiaogang Zhou
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  Comparison of Blood Immunity, Antioxidant Capacity and Hormone Indexes in Finishing Bulls Fed Active Dry Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and Yeast Culture

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0822
  Authors: Geng, C.Y., S. Ji, Y.H. Jin, C.Y. Li, G.J. Xia, Y.M. Li and M. Zhang
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  Research, Application Demonstration of Key Technology for Microbial Remediation of Saline-alkali Soil

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0821
  Authors: Ruimin Fu, Mingfu Zhu, HuipingChang and Wuling Chen
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  Effects of Precision Seeding and Laser Land Leveling on Winter Wheat Yield and Residual Soil Nitrogen

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0820
  Authors: Cunjun Li, Yongsheng Wang, Chuang Lu and Heju Huai
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  Characterization of Pseudomonas tolaasii Isolates, Causing Brown Blotch Disease of Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0819
  Authors: Esin Basim and Hüseyin Basim
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  A Genetic Linkage Map of Wild Chrysanthemum Species Indigenous to Korea and its Challenges

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0818
  Authors: Yong Suk Chung, Tae-Hwan Jun, Yun Gyeong Lee, Jae A Jung, So Youn Won, Yoon-Jung Hwang, Renato Rodrigues Silva, Sang Chul Choi and Changsoo Kim
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  Report of a Quarantine Sugarcane Leaf Scald Disease in Guangxi, China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0817
  Authors: Wen-Feng Li, Hong-Li Shan, Rong-Yue Zhang, Xiao-Yan Cang, Xiao-Yan Wang, Jiong Yin, Zhi-Ming Luo and Ying-Kun Huang
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  Effect of Weaning Age on Plasma Biochemistry and Muscular GHR, IGF-1 and IGF-1R Gene Expression in Piglets

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0816
  Authors: Yuan Li, Liuan Li, Jingjing Yang, Li Lv, Tianming Jin and Gaimei Du
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  Effect of Piglet Weaning Age on mRNA and Protein Expression of Heat Shock Proteins

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0815
  Authors: Yuan Li, Liuan Li, Jingjing Yang, Li Lv, Tianming Jin and Gaimei Du
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  Antioxidant and Antitumor Activity of a Crude Glycosaminoglycan Extracted from Sanguinolaria acuta

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0814
  Authors: Xiuping Fan, Xiaoming Qin and Caie Wu
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  C2H2 Transcription Factor brlA Regulating Conidiation and Affecting Growth and Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites in Aspergillus clavatus

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0813
  Authors: Xiaofei Han, Chuxuan Xu, Qi Zhang, Bei Jiang, Jieshi Zheng and Donghua Jiang
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  Evolutionary Tendency of Clearhead Icefish Protosalanx hyalocranius Inferring Mitochondrial DNA Variation Analyses in Amur (Heilongjiang) River Catchment, China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0812
  Authors: Fujiang Tang, Daming Li, Wei Liu, Huiqin Li, Jilong Wang and Cuiyun Lu
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  Modulation of Ionic and Water Status by Moringa oleifera Extract Against Cadmium Toxicity in Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0811
  Authors: Fozia Farhat, Muhammad Arfan, Abdul Wahid and Bushra Sadia
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  Biocontrol Effect of a Novel Strain LB-1 on Exserohilum turcicum and its Growth-promoting Effect on Maize

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0810
  Authors: Caiyun Liu, Zhilong Chang and Chunxiang Liu
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  Characterization of Wheat Cell Wall Invertase Genes Associated with Drought Tolerance in Synthetic-derived Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0809
  Authors: Maria Khalid, Zoya Khalid, Alvina Gul, Rabia Amir and Zubair Ahmad
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  Comparison of Gas Exchange in Moringa oleifera and other Drought Tolerant Tree Species for Climate Change Mitigation under Semi-arid Condition of Northern South Africa

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0808
  Authors: Paulina Moshibudi Mabapa Kingsley Kwabena Ayisi and Irvine Kwaramba Mariga
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  Peanut-waste Biochar and Buffalo Manure Decreased Nitrogen and Phosphorus Requirement of Maize Grown in an Alkaline Calcareous Soil

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0807
  Authors: Muhammad Aon, Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Asif Naeem, Muhammad Zafar-ul-Hye, Shahid Hussain, Mubshar Hussain and Zeshan Aslam
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  Seed Quality of Vetch (Vicia sativa L.) Affected by Different Seed Colours and Sizes after Various Storage Periods

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0806
  Authors: Rade Stanisavljevic, Natasa Velijevic, Ratibor Strbanovic, Dobrivoj Postic, Goran Aleksic, Nenad Trkulja, Jasmina Knezevic and Dejan Dodig
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  Seed Priming with Alpha Tocopherol Improves Morpho-Physiological attributes of Okra under Saline Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0805
  Authors: Maria Naqve, Muhammad Shahbaz, Abdul Wahid and Ejaz Ahmad Waraich
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  Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) Dunks in Different Qualities of Water Positive against Larvae of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae) under Laboratory Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0804
  Authors: Shabab Nasir, Hina, Iram Nasir, Iqra Yousaf and Mustapha Debboun
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  Effects of Clipping Frequency on the Relationships between Species Diversity and Productivity in Temperate Steppe

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0803
  Authors: Qiang Zhang, Liwen Shan, Xiaolei Kong, Digui Li, Xintong Kang, Ruifen Zhu, Chunxia Tian and Jishan Chen
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  Genetic Variability in Cenopopulations of Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) in Rostov Region, Russia, with the use of ISSR-Markers

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0802
  Authors: Chokheli Vasily, Kagan Dmitry, Rajput Vishnu, Kozlovsky Boris, Sereda Mikhail, Shmaraeva Antonina, Khibuhina Tatiana, Fedyaeva Valentina, Shishlova Zhanna, Dmitriev Pavel, Varduny Tatiana, Kapralova Olga and Usatov Alexandr
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  Genetic Basis of Variation for High Temperature Tolerance in Upland Cotton

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0771
  Authors: Qingrong Wang, Yanling Zeng, Xiaoshu Xu, Xiangdan Yu, Liuling Gao and Yunjian Jiao
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  Genetic Basis of Variation for High Temperature Tolerance in Upland Cotton

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0801
  Authors: Muhammad Arfan, Amir Shakeel, Tariq Manzoor Khan and Irfan Afzal
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  Foliage Applied Silicon Alleviates the Combined Effects of Salinity and Drought Stress on Wheat Seedlings

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0800
  Authors: Abdul Sattar, Mumtaz A. Cheema, Ahmad Sher, Tahira Abbas, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Ijaz, Shabir Hussain and Qasim Ali
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  Metal-tolerant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strain ZM130 has the Potential for Concurrent Dye Decolorization and Plant Growth Promotion

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0799
  Authors: Zahid Maqbool, Sabir Hussain, Faisal Mahmood, Muhammad Shahid, Tanvir Shahzad, Tanvir Ahmed, Amna Sahar, Muhammad Imran, Zulfiqar Ahmad and Farhan Hafeez
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  Development of Nutrient-rich and Blast-resistant Rice Cultivars through Tissue Culture and Monogenic Lines

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0798
  Authors: Hassan S.M. Al-Zahrani, Omar A. Almaghrabi, Mohamed M. El-Malky, Ehab M.R. Metwali and Hail Z. Rihan
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  Effect of Rice-straw Biochar Application on Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Root Growth and Nitrogen Utilization in Acidified Paddy Soil

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0797
  Authors: Yikai Zhang, Huizhe Chen, Guangmei Ji, Yuping Zhang, Jing Xiang, Sumera Anwar and Defeng Zhu
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  Effect of Temperature and Agitation Speed on Fatty Acid Accumulation in Mortierella alpina

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0796
  Authors: Xiaoying Gu, Xiaoping Fu and Lingfei Li
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  Assessment of Bio-regulators to Improve the Performance of Maize Hybrids under Spring Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0795
  Authors: Shahid Mehmood, Abdul Jabbar, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum and Tariq Aziz
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  Genetic Analysis of Nodule Traits in Soybean Via Wild Soybean Background Population (Glycin soja) and High Generation Recombination Inbred Lines [Glycine max (L.) Merr.]

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0794
  Authors: Changyu Li, Huilin Chang, Jinhui Wang, Jianan Zou, Yan Shi, Yanjiao Zhang, Wei Wei, Zhongyu Wang1, Jieqi Wang1, Qingying Li, Jingyi Zhu, Lin Chen, Jianyi Li, Shuping Li, Xueying Liu, Hongwei Jiang, Zhenbang Hu, Chunyan Liu, Zhengong Yin, Zhaoming Qi, Yanli Zheng, Qingshan Chen and Dawei Xin
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  Construction of Rice OsRSR1 Gene Interference Vector and the Gene Expression of Enzymes Involved in Endosperm Starch Synthesis

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0793
  Authors: Jin Zheng-xun, Sun Tao, Wang Hai-wei, Zhao Shu-yu, Qu Yue, Zhu Lin, He Shen-yu, Zhang Zhong-chen and Liu Hai-ying
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  Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of the PIN Gene Family during Abiotic Stress in Tomato (Solanum lycopersium)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0792
  Authors: Chunli Zhang, Qi Yuan, Tingting Zhao, Di Xiao and Xiangyang Xu
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  Capsicum Heterotrimeric G proteins are Up-regulated under UV-B Radiation Stress

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0791
  Authors: Talia F. Martinez-Bastidas, Melina Lopez-Meyer, Karina Ramirez, Jose B. Valdez-Torres, J. Adriana Sanudo-Barajas, Tomas Osuna-Enciso, J. Basilio Heredia1, Luis A. Amarillas-Bueno, Ruben G. Leon-Chan, Luis A. Lightbourn-Rojas and Josefina Leon-Felix
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  New Opinion of Sugar and Light Crosstalk in the Induction of Anthocyanins Biosynthesis in Fruits

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0790
  Authors: Muhammad Abdullah, Xi Cheng, Awais Shakoor, Yunpeng Cao, Yi Lin, Yongping Cai and Jun Shangao
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  Cytokinin Interaction to Cope with Phosphorous Starvation in Rice (Oryza sativa)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0789
  Authors: Asyia Zeenat, Alveena Zulfiqar, Aleena Ramzan, Scott A. Heckathorn and Samina N. Shakeel
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  Improving Salt Tolerance in Barley by Osmopriming and Biopriming

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0788
  Authors: Tahira Tabassum, Riaz Ahmad, Muhammad Farooq and Shahzad Maqsood Ahmed Basra
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  The Effect of Different Planting Techniques on Productivity and Profitability of Barley-lentil Intercrops under Semi-arid Subtropical Climate

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0787
  Authors: Muhammad Ikram ul Haq, Riaz Ahmad, Abdul Jabbar and Muhammad Khalid
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  Comparative Account of Phenolics, Antioxidant Capacity, ?-Tocopherol and Anti-nutritional Factors of Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus) Grown in the Greenhouse and Open Field

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0786
  Authors: Mariana Fuentes Reyes, Jorge Luis Chávez-Servín, Cinthya Gonzalez-Coria, Adan Mercado-Luna, Karina de la Torre Carbot, Araceli Aguilera-Barreyro, Roberto Ferriz-Martínez, Juan Serrano-Arellano and Teresa García- Gasca
  Download PDF File


  Evaluation of Venom Peptides of Two Jumping Spider Species (Araneae: Salticidae) as Insecticide Potential

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0785
  Authors: Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, Khanum Zahra, Rabia Yaqoob, Azhar Abbas Khan, Abida Butt, Zeshan Hassan and Shafaat Yar Khan
  Download PDF File


  Effect of Plant Density and Harvest Stage on Yield and Quality of Rheum tanguticum Maxim. ex Balf

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0784
  Authors: Feng Xiong, Xiuqing Nie, Xiaohui Zhao, Lucun Yang and Guoying Zhou
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  Effects of Medium Addition on Ovule Enlargement of Watermelon Non-pollinated Ovary

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0783
  Authors: Ying Chun Zhu, De Xi Sun, Yun Deng, Wei Hua Li, Guo Lin An, Ying Ying Li, Wen Jing Si and Jun Pu Liu
  Download PDF File


  Absorption, Bioaccumulation and Transportation of Selenium in Three Vegetables Differing in Selenium Transport Distances

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0782
  Authors: Mei Yang, Wanyi Zhao, Weihong Xu, Zhangmi He and Deyu Feng
  Download PDF File


  Toxicological Evaluation of Sodium Benzoate on Hematological and Serological Parameters of Wistar Rats

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0781
  Authors: Zulfiqar Ahmad, Riaz Hussain, Muhammad Riaz, Tariq Ismail, Syed Mubashar Sabir, Shinawar Waseem Ali, Khalil Ahmad and Muhammad Nadeem
  Download PDF File


  Protective Effect of the Total Flavonoids from Carya cathayensis Sarg. Leaves on Myocardial Ischemia-reperfusion Injury through Anti-oxidative and Anti-apoptotic Activities

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0780
  Authors: Bo Jin, Ruibin Jiang, Yan Guo, Yanfen Huang, Nipi Chen, Chaodong Qian and Zhishan Ding
  Download PDF File


  Effects of Nitrogen Forms and Osmotic Stress on Root Aerenchyma Formation of Japonica Rice and Its Relationship with Water Absorption

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0779
  Authors: Xiuxia Yang, Adnan Rasheed, Hui Yan, Chunhuo Zhou and Qingyin Shang
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  Gastrointestinal Metagenomics of Fish: Methods, Research Advances and Applications

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0778
  Authors: Bo Dong, Deng Deng, Yunhai Yi, Xiaomeng Zhao, Xinxin You and Qiong Shi
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  A New Fungus Metarhizium gaoligongense from China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0777
  Authors: Zi-Hong Chen, Ya-Guan Zhang, Xiao-Na Yang, Kai Chen, Qin Liu and Ling Xu
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  Effects of Altitude and Growth Stage on Amorphophallus konjac Microecosystem in Mount Emei

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0776
  Authors: Peng Yin, Qinlan Guan, Xia Hu and Mingfu Gong
  Download PDF File


  Ultra-High Pressure Extraction of Anthocyanins from Lonicera caerulea and its Antioxidant Activity Compared with Ultrasound-assisted Extraction

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0775
  Authors: Xinyuan Li, Xianjun Meng, Hui Tan, Qingqi Ren, Dongnan Li and Bin Li
  Download PDF File


  Effective Composition Extraction and Antioxidant Activity of Dioscorea nipponica

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0774
  Authors: Guangqing Xia, Wei Liu, Jinzhi Song, Jihui Zuo, Qingyi Zhang, Changsong Xue, Hao Zang and Yuxin Li
  Download PDF File


  High Quality Yield in Lettuce in Response to Low Nitrate Content can be Achieved by Reduced Nitrogen Application

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0773
  Authors: Lifen Wang, Huiyan Yuan, Bo Wang, Xiangli Sun, Xiaoping Lu and Wensheng Yu
  Download PDF File


  Chemical Composition of Milk from Yak Breeds and Crossbreeds in Qinghai Tibetan Plateau

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0772
  Authors: Zhongxin Yan, Yichao Jin, Wei Li and Xiaorong Xue
  Download PDF File


  Molecular Cloning, Sequence Feature and Expression Pattern of Acetylcholinesterase (ACHE) Gene from Apis cerana cerana

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0771
  Authors: Qingrong Wang, Yanling Zeng, Xiaoshu Xu, Xiangdan Yu, Liuling Gao and Yunjian Jiao
  Download PDF File


  Alginate-entrapped Enterobacter spp. MN17 Coated Diammonium Phosphate Improves Growth, Yield and Phosphorus Use Efficiency of Wheat

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0770
  Authors: Muhammad Zahir Aziz, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Naveed and Muhammad Shahid
  Download PDF File


  Berberis microphylla: A Species with Phenotypic Plasticity in Different Climatic Conditions

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0768
  Authors: Silvia Radice, Marta Alonso and Miriam Elisabet Arena
  Download PDF File


  Physiological Responses of the Halophyte Salvadora persica to the Combined Effect of Salinity and Flooding

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0764
  Authors: Taieb Tounekti, Mosbah Mahdhi, Turki Ali Al-Turki and Habib Khemira
  Download PDF File


  Mapping Freezing Tolerance Quantitative Trait Loci in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using a Doubled Haploid Population

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0763
  Authors: Meng Zhou, Yong Zhao, Xuefang Yang, Guishun Chen, Ke Xu, Baohua Liu, Shuhua Zhang, Jichun Tian and Xueju Yang
  Download PDF File


  Effects of Different Tillage Modes for Ammonia Volatilization Emissions from Flue-cured Tobacco Fields

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0769
  Authors: Jiang Yuzhou, Liu Qingli, Zhang Yungui, Li Zhihong, Zou Yan, Zhu Jingwei, Shi Junxiong and Wang Peng
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  Fungicidal Activity and Biological Characteristics of a Novel Natural Product Fungicide: Phenazine-1-carboxamide-derived 18-1

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0766
  Authors: Ya Zhang, Shuangqing Liu, Chong Wang and Xiaolan Liao
  Download PDF File


  Genome Wide Association Analysis for Leaf Rust Resistance in Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Germplasm

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0765
  Authors: Sher Muhammad, Aqeel Ahmad, Faisal Saeed Awan, Azeem Iqbal Khan, Muhammad Qasim, Aziz-ur-Rehman, Abdul Rehman, Muhammad Aslam Javed, Irfan Manzoor and Muhammad Sajjad
  Download PDF File


  The Regulatory Networks Conferred by IFN-? in the Kidney of Takifugu rubripes

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0758
  Authors: Derong Kong, Jun Cui, Zhicheng Wang, Lin Zang, He Sun, Ziwen Hu, Xin Li, Xuemei Qiu, Chen Jiang, Haiying Liu, Tao Zhang, Shengcong Liu, Zhiqiang Jiang, Xuesong Meng and Xiuli Wang
  Download PDF File


  Antifungal Effect of Buxus sinica Leaf Extract-mediated Silver Nanoparticles against Curvularia lunata

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0767
  Authors: Weidong Huang, Huizhong Li, Haiming Duan, Yaling Bi, Degong Wu, Junli Du and Haibing Yu
  Download PDF File


  Wheat Residue Management Improves Soil Fertility and Productivity of Maize

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0759
  Authors: Humaira Yasmeen, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Zahir Aziz, Muhammad Naveed, Muhammad Arfan-ul-Haq, Ghulam Jillani, Abdul Qadeer and Tanveer Abbas
  Download PDF File


  Assessing the Impact of Thermo-temporal Changes on the Productivity of Spring Maize under Semi-arid Environment

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0762
  Authors: Ishfaq Ahmad, Syed Aftab Wajid, Ashfaq Ahmad, Muhammad Jehanzeb Masud Cheema and Jasmeet Judge
  Download PDF File


  Adaptability and Stability Analysis of Different Soybean Genotypes using Biplot Model

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0760
  Authors: Ehab H. El-Harty, Salem S. Alghamdi, Muhammad A. Khan, Hussein M. Migdadi and Muhammad Farooq
  Download PDF File


  Occurrence of Root Rot of Panax notoginseng Caused by Fusarium oxysporum in China

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0757
  Authors: Jin Yi-Lan, Jiang Shi-Long and Jiang Xuan-Li
  Download PDF File


  Analysis of Early Transcriptomes of Huipizhiheidou and Liaodou 15 Infected by Soybean Cyst Nematode (Heterodera glycines)

DOI: 10.17957/IJAB/15.0756
  Authors: Liu Dawei, Tao Lei, Chen Jingsheng and Zhang Yanju
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